Welcome to the web site of Dr. Philip Clason Whitford, bird control consultant and creator of the Goosebuster system.

Dr. Whitford is a leading researcher in the field of avian behavior. He is currently a Professor Emeritus and was the holder of the Robert Geist Distinguished Professorship Endowed Chair in Biology at Capital University in Columbus, OH from 1995 – 2008. Known in his field for his pioneering research on the Canada Goose, he is the first person to have ever comprehensively studied and interpreted their language. Click here for more detailed credentials.

He has over 30 years of experience working with Canada Geese, holds an MS in Wildlife Biology, a BS in Natural Resource Conservation and a PhD in Biology and Animal Behavior.

Dr. Whitford now uses his considerable expertise to help a wide array of industries humanely and unobtrusively manage their bird control problems. He provides services anywhere that goose control is needed, including golf courses, corporate and city parks, water treatment and sewage facilities, crop fields, and private property. He also recently received his FAA Certification, allowing him to provide consulting services to airports.

Dr. Whitford offers personal design, set-up and professional consulting along with his widely tested and highly successful equipment. He is knowledgeable in all aspects of goose biology, behavior and communication. His method, the Goosebuster system, involves deterring geese from congregating where they aren’t wanted through the use of alarm calls that cause geese to instinctively remain nervous and vigilant searching for potential predators nearby¬†until they leave the area to find a different quiet, safe place to rest and/or feed. View Doctor Whitfords Curriculum Vitae of Publications