The Goosebuster

The Goosebuster system employs a combination of naturally recorded Canada goose alarm and alert calls with physical harassment to deter geese from nesting in particular areas. It is completely humane and highly effective, with an estimated 93% success rate.

The Goosebuster is the only product on the market that has been shown to keep geese away once they have been forced to abandon a given area by either use of the call units alone, or if needed, with harassment by dogs, humans, screamer shells, or translocation. It has been deployed effectively in a wide variety of locations including business parks, golf courses, and farms, and is appropriate for rural as well as urban settings.

If you or your facilities management team have a need for humane and effective bird control, Dr. Whitford will personally assess your situation and develop a long term plan to ensure that the geese are no longer a nuisance. He also provides ongoing support in the event that further action must be taken in the future.