The Goosebuster – Detailed

What is the Goosebuster and how does it work?

The Goosebuster is a scientifically designed sound production device created specifically to humanely make Canada geese leave and stay away from areas where they are not wanted; areas such as golf courses, airports, parks, corporate parks, sports fields, and emerging crop fields. It is the product of more than 30 years of research into Canada goose behavior and vocal and visual communication which included defining virtually all aspects of how many different calls the species makes and what each means, how it is used and how it is understood and reacted to by other geese.  Among the calls defined were three calls recorded that have proved useful in repeated tests for making geese feel unwelcome and uneasy when they hear them. These are natural calls of the species, recoded from free living giant Canada geese, and geese have strong instinctive responses to each of them,

Multiple forms of these three calls are recorded on micro chips on the Goosebuster. When played, each call makes geese that are present start producing similar calls themselves, thus making other geese more nervous and more ready to leave.

The calls on the Goosebuster are:

  • Alert calls: this call makes all geese stop whatever they are doing to stand head up and look for possible sources of danger near them. Hearing it makes them nervous and keeps them from getting to be at ease in new surroundings and even in familiar ones. Repeated hearing of this often causes geese to leave and find places where they are not constantly being forced to stop feeding or sleeping to look for trouble approaching, somewhere they and can rest in peace.
  • Warning calls: these are made when geese see something approaching that they feel is a potential threat, geese group together and prepare to fly or run from the area. It is a step above the alert call in disturbing the peace of the geese.
  • Alarm calls: Alarm calls are only made when geese are badly frightened by something they had not seen approaching or anticipated. They frequently take to flight immediately when hearing it, run away, of move to water if they can not fly.  They usually leave the area within minutes of hearing the call. If they are startled into making the call themselves by use of screamer or banger shell to reinforce the Alarm Call after 1-2 minutes of playback, the geese appear to subconsciously form a long-term memory of the site and instinctively avoid returning to it for weeks or months.

Multiple copies of the calls are used and continually remixed by the Goosebuster to prevent geese from learning to recognize them and prevent habituation (failure to respond) by the geese.

When used with screamer shell reinforcement, there has been no sign of habituation over periods greater than 3 months, the maximum time tested to date. Once geese have vacated a site for more than 10 days, those sites  have remained goose free or with extremely few geese for 6-9 months with little effort.

Used correctly according to instructions, the Goosebuster has been shown in repeated studies to produce the fastest long term displacement of Canada geese of any non-lethal product on the market, often working in as little as 3-5 days. Additionally, once geese have been successfully moved, the Goosebuster can easily keep other geese from taking up residence in the area with minimal time and effort.